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Schweinfurt, Germany Cruise Port

Schweinfurt—or “swine fort” in German—is a Main River cruise port, and bustling town with a population around 53,000. It’s located in Lower Franconia in the region of Bavaria and is only about fourteen square miles in total. An economic study determined it to be one of Germany’s fastest-growing towns, featuring the country’s highest job concentration, the majority of which are in the high-tech sector. While the streets and many of the houses have a modern feel to them, old Germany is well represented in the remnants of medieval fortifications surrounding the town, which include city walls, moats and aged towers. The City Hall or Rathaus is an old building of stunning décor and looks far older than any of the town’s other structures. The Marktplatz is located near the center of town and acts as a commons area where farmers and other land workers come to sell fruits, vegetables and other sundries.


  • Wildpark an den Eichen is an excellent nature preserve where visitors can come, free of charge, to see many exotic species of animals, both large and small.
  • Museum Georg Schafer is a modern building built specifically to house a wide variety of German art. The structure has pristine lighting and precise angles to best display all works of art.
  • The Deutsches Bunkermuseum was built in 1941 in preparation for a potential nuclear situation during World War II. The bunker was built with an apartment above ground and a cavernous reinforced space below.
  • Visit DAV Kletterzentrum and experience climbing walls as far as the human eye can see. There are a wide variety of walls, and many different heights for all levels of climbers.

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