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Schoonhoven, The Netherlands Cruise Port

Cruise through the Lek River in the province of South Holland to find the port of Schoonhoven in the western Netherlands. The city dates back to at least 1220, when a castle was built; the oldest written reference to its name is 1247, and it was granted city rights in 1280. Schoonhoven developed an economy based on fishing, shipping, brewing, and agriculture, and became the region's marketplace. After centuries of staying within the former fortress limits, the city began expanding beyond those boundaries in the mid-20th century. Schoonhoven has a brisk silver trade, and there are plenty of silversmiths here perfecting their craft. And if you thought only Germany was renowned for creating lovely clocks, visit the clockmakers who call this home – and check out the Van den Gheyn Beiaard on the city's town hall. Here are some of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of Schoonhoven, the Netherlands:
  • Thanks to the silver trade, Schoonhoven earned the nickname Zilverstad (“Silver City”). The Nederlands Zilvermuseum (Dutch Silver Museum) is an excellent place to see some breathtaking works of art, and learn how the talented craftsmen create them. There's also workshop where you can see the silversmiths do their magic.
  • The city wall called Veerpoort (Ferry Gate) was built in the 1300s and is one of five that survived throughout the years. Built to protect the area from floods caused by the river and sea, it still holds fast today and serves the same purpose. There's also a nearby statue of Olivier van Noort, the first Dutchman to sail around the world.
  • Built in 1901, De Watertoren (water tower) in Schoonhoven is a lovely piece of architecture from the outside and was responsible for providing the city with clean water. Although it no longer functions as such, the design by F.A. de Jongh is still striking and a great photo opportunity.
  • The 14th century Bartholomeuschurch or St. Bartholomew Church seems massive from the outside; it's been rebuilt on multiple occasions since its first appearance. You'll find native son Olivier van Noort buried here.

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