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Savu Island, East Nusa Tenggara Cruise Port

If you have never heard of the cruise port of Savu Island in the East Nusa Tenggara province of Indonesia, you’re in good company, because most travelers probably don’t know about this remote island. This is the perfect destination for cruisers looking to escape the beaten path, after all, it is known as a small paradise lost in the middle of the ocean. On Savu Island you won’t find large resorts, shopping malls, or anything else closely associated with a commercialized area. However, you will find culture, adventure, and a change to get out of your comfort zone. Please continue below for things to do in the cruise port of Savu Island, East Nusa Tenggara:
  • Visit a Traditional Village: The people who live on Savu Island have held on to their tradition and cultures for thousands of years. Explore the main center of the island, Seba, and experience a traditional village welcome with men and women dancing. This is your opportunity to experience a rich, unique culture.
  • See a Lontar Tapping Demonstration: Although the people of Savu Island typically plant corn as their main crop, they get much of their nutrition from the lontar palm. The fruit of this drought-resistant tree provides essential nutrition to a large portion of the island’s population. While you’re visiting, watch a demonstration of how they harvest this essential fruit and how they access the juice inside.
  • Enjoy the Beach: On Savu Island you’ll find pristine, untouched beaches just waiting to be explored. Enjoy swimming in the crystal clear water, walking the clean, bright beaches, and leaving your troubles behind for a while.

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