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Sassnitz, Germany Cruise Port

If you never knew that Germany had an island, then cruising to Rügen Island on the Jasmund peninsula will be a real treat. The cruise port of Sassnitz, Germany is on the northeastern part of the island, with fewer than 10,000 residents. Despite its small size, the town is a popular tourist spot, thanks to its inspiring chalk rocks and cliffs, along with plenty of other sights to delight travelers. In terms of geology, this is a "young" area, formed only around 12,000 years ago. With its proximity to the Baltic Sea, Sassnitz became an important fishing port, and city dwellers eventually were drawn to the relaxing lifestyle the town offered, with it eventually turning into a resort area for those wanting a beach holiday. Cultural activities range from historical buildings to several parks, providing something for everyone. Here are some of our favorite experiences when cruising to Sassnitz, Germany:
  • The famous chalk rocks in the area are called Kreidefelsen; you can hike, drive, or take a guided tour. It's like stepping into a fairytale as you gaze at the white cliffs from the beach, and easy to see why artist Caspar David Friedrich was moved to paint his best-known work Chalk Cliffs on Rügen (Kreidefelsen auf Rügen).
  • Along with the chalk cliffs, check out the rest of Jasmund National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Just north of Sassnitz, the park also contains fantastic ancient beech tree forests along with rare plants and animals. See if you can spot the black alder, European crab apple, white-tailed eagle, peregrine falcon, and more.
  • Military history buffs will want to see the U-Boat Museum, featuring the former British submarine H.M.S. Otus. Take a tour through the submarine; learn how it works, and how this particular boat served during its time.
  • Another popular attraction is the Königsstuhl National Park Centre. With an environmental focus, the park has interactive exhibits and events to bring alive their vision of how nature is important to all living creatures. You'll also find a viewing platform on top of Königsstuhl, one of the area's most impressive chalk cliffs.

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