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Saqqaq, Greenland Cruise Port

You may find it ironic that the cruise port of Saqqaq, Greenland is a village whose name in the Kalaallisut language is a translation from the Danish meaning "Sunny Side." Located near the Sullorsuaq Strait in Disko Bay, this Qaasuitsup municipality has all of around 200 residents. Originally founded in 1755 as a settlement called Solsiden, the area dates back even further: to around 2500 B.C., when voyagers from the Aleutian Islands began migrating to this part of southwestern Greenland. It's here that tools were found from this period, and the Saqqaq people are those who have been settled in Greenland for the longest unbroken period of time, and have been determined to be separate from the Inuits. The bay's waters are navigable during the spring, summer, and autumn, making ferry travel to other settlements a seasonal pursuit. Here are some of our favorite experiences when cruising to Saqqaq, Greenland:
  • Thanks to its ancient roots, you can visit the remains of dwellings leftover from Saqqaq's original settlers. As evidence of their being able to physically adapt to the environment, they lived in small tents and used tools made of agate, quartzite, and other rock types. To the west is a hidden lagoon with the remains of a turf house.
  • If time permits, take a dogsled adventure to the Lyngmark glacier (although trips can be as short as a few hours). This unforgettable experience gives you an idea of the amazing relationship between dogs and driver, and the passenger can sit back and enjoy the sights fly by.
  • The sea around Greenland seems to have an endless number of whales, among them minke whales, fin whales, and humpback whales. Take a whale safari with a seasoned skipper and you're sure to spot the majestic creatures against a backdrop of equally majestic icebergs.
  • Hikers can walk up Livets Top Mountain, which not only is great exercise but provides stunning views along the way. There are good routes to follow, and you might come across old settlements along the way.

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