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Santiago de Cuba, Cuba Cruise Port

Located on the southeast side of Cuba and southeast of Havana, Santiago de Cuba is the island’s second-largest city as well as the capital of the Santiago de Cuba Province. Sometimes it’s referred to as the “cradle of revolution” because of the pivotal role it played in overthrowing Batista. It rivals Havana in literature, music, and politics while keeping things friendly and unique. Unlike most Cuban towns, Santiago has a distinct Caribbean flavor due to the French and Haitians who settled there more than 100 years earlier. It retains this influence in part, due to its isolation from Havana. The city has some of Cuba’s oldest palaces and museums and many of the stylish houses sport lacy, ironwork balconies, pointed windows, and narrow inner-stairwells. There are many popular cigar shops in port due to the continuing trade embargo with the United States. There are also storefronts for various, specialized tours around the island.


  • Learn about the history and production of rum on Santiago’s famous Museum of Rum tour. The museum has a lot of the old equipment on display as well as up-to-date tech allowing you to enjoy a cocktail as you expand your horizons.
  • La Gran Piedra, or simply “The Big Rock,” is a stunning monument best enjoyed atop a 700-step climb. If that doesn’t sound like too much, prepare yourself for a divine view.
  • Witness a big part of Cuban history at the Santa Ifigenia Cemetery. After a moving changing of the guard ceremony, view the graves of fallen soldiers of the revolution as well as important writers and industrialists such as Emilio Bacardi and Jose Marti.
  • Find a great view of the city and appreciate the historic architecture at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption. Easy to find and a short walk from the harbor, this church is brimming with national culture and history.

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