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Santa Maria Di Leuca, Italy Cruise Port

On the southernmost point of Salento is the striking cruise port of Santa Maria Di Leuca, Italy. This picturesque town of the Mediterranean is right at the entrance to the Adriatic Sea. Legend has it that Leucasia, a beautiful white mermaid who conquered sailors and farmers with her charming voice was the inspiration behind the name. The apostle Paul was said to have passed through on his way to Rome and Christianized the town’s temple. Romans refer to the cruise port of Santa Maria Di Leuca as "the place at the end of the earth" because it is at the lowest point of the geographical “heel” of the Italian Peninsula. Combing through its charming coast will bring you closer to the 19th-century residences and Art Nouveau villas. Everything from churches and castles to hundred-year-old olive trees, hidden coves and inlets will paint a wonderful picture of the port’s significance to the Mediterranean. While cruising to Santa Maria Di Leuca, Italy, make it a point to visit these important sights as they highlight the history and journey of the town:
  • Located in the hills above Santa Maria di Leuca is Basilica of Santa Maria, the “end of the land” as most Italians like to call it. Fortified in 1700 to protect against Turkish and Saracen assaults, this huge Basilica has an equally huge outdoor piazza which is the perfect Vantage point to view the joining of the Adriatic Sea into the Mediterranean.
  • Swimming or taking a boat trip around the caves and grotto of Tre Porte Caves is the best way to be captured by its beauty. On the southernmost part of Puglia, these natural sculptures will amaze you as they give a beautiful contrast to the azure blue sea.
  • Built to commemorate the passage of Saint Peter, Santa Maria di Leuca Lighthouse can be seen up to 24 nautical miles from the coast. It stands as the second most important lighthouse in Italy with its 157 foot tall structure devoted to Saint Mary and connected to the port below through a steep 284-step staircase.

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