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Saint Mary's, Scilly Isles, United Kingdom Cruise Port

Sail through the sparkling Celtic Sea to reach the beautiful cruise port of St. Mary's, Isles of Scilly, United Kingdom. Located off of England's southwest coast, St. Mary's is the archipelago's largest island and the only one with significant roadways. Getting to the mainland (whose closet major city is Cornwall) is possible via air or the many ferries that travel there regularly. Most of the island's 1,800 residents live on the western half, within the main settlement of Hugh Town (which was previously owned by the Duchy of Cornwall). The other major settlement on St. Mary’s is Old Town; here you'll find plenty of outdoor activities, from a gorgeous beach to a nature reserve. Overall, this is a perfect getaway for the traveler who's looking to get away from the hustle of big cities. Here are a handful of our favorite experiences when cruising to St. Mary's, Isles of Scilly:
  • The Scillonian entrance grave known as Bant's Carn Burial Chamber and the Halangy Down Ancient Village feature a Bronze Age burial mound and the remains of an Iron Age village, highlighted by the island's nature as a backdrop. A couple of miles from Hugh Town, this 2500 B.C. settlement is a fascinating look at the island's ancient past.
  • Take a short walk to find Harry's Walls, the remains of an unfinished artillery castle that overlook Hugh Town. Construction was begun in 1551 to defend against the French, but never finished because the site was deemed unsuitable for the task. The view from the walls provides a lovely view of the town and sea.
  • Small but charming: the Isles of Scilly Museum in Hugh Town lets you explore area history with its diverse collections. Look for the many leftovers from shipwrecks, along with Romano-British artefacts, stuffed birds, and a wildflower display during the summer months.
  • With plenty of beaches in the Isles of Scilly, Town Beach is St. Mary's northern option and a perfect spot to relax and watch the quay. In the south, visit the golden sandy beach at Porthcressa with its promenade, picnic area, and calm swimming waters.

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