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Sagaing, Myanmar Cruise Port

Cruising through the Ayeyarwady River in the Sagaing Region is the capital and port city of Sagaing, Myanmar. Located only 12 miles southwest of Mandalay, Sagaing is known for its Buddhist monasteries and white, silver, and gold pagodas, and is an important religious and monastic center within the country (sometimes called Burma). The city was also the capital of the Sagaing Kingdom, which dates back from 1315 to 1364. It then regained its position as a royal capital from 1760 to 1764. Tourists find this a lovely place to climb rolling green hillsides which lead to shrines and stupas, where there's a magnificent view of the river and the surrounding area. Those who love excellent craftsmanship will be enthralled by the silversmith works at the Ywa Htaung quarters and pottery at the Nwe Nyein village. Listed below are a handful of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of Sagaing, Myanmar:
  • Possibly the city's most famous pagoda is the golden Soon U Pon Nya Shin Paya, which legend claims sprang up overnight. Climb the One Lion stairway to reach the bronze frog statues that double as collection boxes (because the hill itself was thought to resemble a frog), then think of 14 wishes, which the pagoda allegedly grants to its pilgrims.
  • Another great find at the top of the hill is the U Min Thonze Pagoda ("U Min" means "caves" and "Thonze" means "thirty"). Despite the name, there are actually 45 Buddha images lining a crescent-shaped colonnade, each with a different facial expression.
  • Anyone fascinated by feats of engineering will want to check out the Irrawaddy Bridge (also known as Ayeyarwady Bridge, Yadanabon Bridge, Yadanar Pone Bridge, or New Ava Bridge). This newer bridge is an updated gateway to Mandalay and other regions. The older, British-built Ava Bridge which this one replaced is still useable, and an interesting study in contrasts.
  • Built around 1672, the meditation place known as Tilawkaguru Cave Monastery is a riot of colorful murals. You'll have to locate the key holder or caretaker first to get permission to enter and flash photography, since it is not permitted.

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