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Sachs Harbour, Canada Cruise Port

Discovered in 1913 by the Canadian Arctic Expedition and named after the Mary Sachs, one of its ships, Sachs Harbour is a small hamlet located on Canada’s fifth largest island. As the only settlement on the sizable Banks Island within the Northwest Territories, this community of just over 100 people began welcoming cruise ships in 2016 after a five-year hiatus. While the locals are avid hunters and trappers, they welcome tourists and don’t mind when larger ships send more passengers than there are people living in town. Ice fishing is a popular activity among locals and visitors alike, along with boating, and an annual goose hunt every spring. Sachs Harbour is home to a considerable chunk of the world’s population of muskoxen, as well as numerous bird species. The hamlet’s Inuit name, Ikahuak, means “where you go across to” and likely refers to its position directly across from the Northwest Territory mainland.


  • Sachs Harbour’s claim to fame is the 2006 sighting—and subsequent killing—of a rare pizzly or grolar bear, a polar bear, grizzly hybrid. Many locals believe there are still some out there.
  • The Amundsen Gulf is a prime spot for ice fishing as well as a viewing spot to witness Beluga whales and seals in their natural habit, hopefully not together.
  • Travel to the northern side of the island to find Aulavik National Park. Here you can retrace the lost expedition of John Franklin of the British Royal Navy whose ship was trapped in ice and had to be abandoned by the crew.
  • Muskoxen travel in abundance on Banks Island; although the area is very large, the oxen population is an insanely high number that equals a third to one half of the entire world’s.

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