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Saba, Dutch Antilles Cruise Port

Saba Island is the smallest of all the overseas territories owned by the Netherlands. While the population is around 2,000, the island itself is fewer than five square miles in diameter. The majority of the island consists of a potentially active volcano, known as Mount Scenery, and at almost 3,000 feet high, it is surprisingly the highest point in the entire Netherlands. Fort Bay Harbor is the island’s major port—and while it can accommodate smaller ships, larger cruise ships may require tendering. The harbor leads into Botte, the island’s capital and largest town. The nearly 500 residents are friendly and helpful to tourists, and are quick to show off their locally-made needlework—called Saba Lace—as well as their locally-made rum—known as Saba Spice. The island also has fabulous churches, hiking paths and a great community center that reflects the area’s natural culture.


  • The Tide Pools at Flat Point are surrounded by rock in a very craggy canyon of hardened lava. The waters are pleasant, warm and calm; a peaceful place to visit.
  • While Mount Scenery is almost 3,000 feet high, the apex can actually be reached through a very difficult hike through the rainforest. However, if you happen to be an expert hiker, this is a view you won’t want to miss.
  • Dutch Museum Saba displays a deeply-rooted family’s personal collection of mid-17th century memorabilia that includes ancient furniture, books, antique pieces and many other unknown treasures.
  • Cove Bay is a very small, secluded and intimate beach. They views out into the sea are incredible, especially at night when the moon and stars light everything up.

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