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Rurutu, French Polynesia Cruise Port

Located on the northernmost archipelago of French Polynesia, Rurutu is an island and the name of a commune on that island about 350 miles south of Tahiti. Formed over 12 million years ago by a volcanic hotspot, the island shrank over millions of years until it almost became an atoll, or basically a ring of land eclipsed by water inside and out. But just over 1 million years ago it came into contact with another hotspot which raised the land nearly 500 feet, creating its defining coral, sea cliffs and voluminous caves. Because of this natural development, Rurutu is one of the few islands in French Polynesia whose first inhabitants were cave dwellers. The shores have beautiful beaches, great for swimming and snorkeling while hiking and horseback riding is popular further inland. The main village, Moerai, has small shops and a TV and radio station providing news and entertainment.


  • Explore the Rurutu Reefs by boat or thorough scuba diving to experience the amazing coral and marine life while taking in the marvelous views.
  • Whale watching is another exciting activity around the reef. Chartered boats, manned by seasoned professionals, know the best paths to find the whales for close, intimate viewings.
  • If looking for an invigorating hike with cavernous scenery, definitely take a tour of the Rurutu Caves. Old, deep, and seemingly endless, these underground wonders are a sight not to be missed.
  • Every January and July young men and women from the surrounding villages partake in the Tere ritual, showing their strength by attempting to lift volcanic stones onto their shoulders.

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