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Romblon Island, Philippines Cruise Port

Within the more than 7,400 hundred islands that make up the Philippines is the cruise port of Romblon Island, one of three major islands making up the archipelagic Romblon Province. Located within the Sibuyan Sea, it's situated between the larger Sibuyan and Tablas Islands. Romblon's roots date back to ancient times, with artefacts showing a rich aboriginal culture. Spanish settlers in the 1600s left behind their influence, including colonial-style architecture and two forts, San Andrés and Santiago, which are now just ruins. With a well-protected harbor and lovely white sand beaches, Romblon is an ideal place for swimming and water sports, such as snorkeling. Most of the island's tourist attractions are in and around its main settlement of Romblon town, with vibrant sights and sounds – along with plenty of hidden spots to get away from it all. Here are some of our favorite experiences when cruising to Romblon Island, Philippines:
  • This is an island with fantastic beaches, and two are relatively close to each other. Tiamban Beach and Bonbon Beach both have facilities for travelers and aren't terribly busy for the most part. Tiamban Beach does have an entrance fee, and is close to a resort and bar.
  • Above town is Fort San Andrés; it's a bit of island history that, granted, has seen better days, but is still a fascinating trip into the past. Originally built to guard the harbor from intruders, you'll get the best views of the town and harbor below from here; check out the marble creations by local artists as you make your climb.
  • The oldest Roman Catholic Church in Romblon is St. Joseph Cathedral, which has been declared a National Cultural Treasure. The stained glass windows, Byzantine altar, and multiple religious icons give the 15th century place of worship a real colonial feel.
  • Many cruises may offer a trip to Alad Island as part of the Romblon experience, and with good reason. Along with breathtaking views, the island is also home to the Alad Marine Sanctuary, known for its biodiversity and fields of barrel sponges, along with a plethora of brightly-colored fish and coral.

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