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Reunion Island, France Cruise Port

Cruise through the Indian Ocean to the port of Réunion Island, France for unparalleled adventure: From rainforests to reefs to a vibrant Creole culture, there's something for anyone who craves a unique vacation. Closer to the island of Madagascar than France, Réunion was originally colonized by the Portuguese in the early 1500s, with the first French claims in 1638 (it eventually became an overseas department of France in 1946). During French expansion, many other ethnic groups were brought in as workers; today, the varied ethic groups on Réunion include those with African, Indian, and Chinese roots. Situated about a hotspot, the island is also known for volcanic activity, similar to that found in Hawaii. If you’re a fan of wildlife, the island is home to a variety of species found on land, in water, and in the sky. Here are some our favorite experiences when cruising to Réunion Island, France:
  • Réunion National Park was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2010 and covers around 40% of the island. With multiple areas to explore, such as the volcanic Piton des Neiges, Mare-Longue rainforest, and magma chambers of Pain de Sucre and La Chapelle, you'll definitely stay busy; watch out for flora and fauna, made up of approximately 850 indigenous species.
  • If you love floral diversity and great coffee, a visit to Domaine du Café Grillé is in order. The botanical garden features plants from the time the island was colonized through the discovery of more exotic species. After taking in the orchids, bauhinias, ylang ylang, and others, relax in the Zen garden. End with a stop at the coffee plantation, and sample an offering made from freshly-roasted beans.
  • For swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking, discover the magnificent Trou d'Eau Beach with its turquoise waters and shady coconut trees. The nearby coral reefs are protected: the beach is part of the island's Natural Marine reserve.
  • Fans of sea turtles should stop at Kelonia, an observatory focusing on marine turtle conservation. Here you'll learn how the passionate staff rescues turtles in distress and hear plans to expand their numbers on the island.

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