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Resolute, Canada Cruise Port

Cornwallis—one of the Canadian territory of Nunavut’s largest islands—is home to the sleepy Inuit hamlet of Resolute. As part of the Qikiqtaaluk Region, it is one of the oldest and the second most northern community in all of Canada, after Grise Fjord on Ellesmere Island. It also holds the distinction of being one of the world’s coldest inhabited towns with an average annual temperature of 3.7 degrees Fahrenheit. Resolute’s Inuit name literally translates to “place with no dawn,” and because of its extreme northern location, much of its winter is blanketed in 24-hour darkness while the summer experiences consistent daylight. The town, although small with a population under 200 people, has three hotels, a Royal Mounted Police station, a few lodges, a retail shop, and a gym. These amenities are due to the village’s proximity to the Resolute Bay Airport. The harbor’s dock is big enough for most cruise ships to drop anchor.


  • Because of its northern locale, Resolute is the starting point for the Polar Race, a bone-chilling experience where competitors walk 350 nautical miles to the Magnetic North Pole, pulling their food and supplies on a sled behind them.
  • A similar event, but with a different route, known as the Polar Challenge also saw competitors traveling to the Magnetic North Pole which took a month on average.
  • Because of Resolute’s regular Arctic climate, cars are rarely seen in the area. However, those who don’t wish to walk everywhere can rent snowmobiles or sleds.
  • There is a branch of Nunavut Artic College located in Resolute which is one of the primary government-funded places of higher education in the Canadian territories.

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