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Rendezvous Bay, Montserrat Cruise Port

Rendezvous Bay is a charming and peaceful bay in the United Kingdom territory of Montserrat. Located almost on the very northern tip of the country, this small, breezy getaway resides in the Saint Peter parish. The area has a stunning tropical climate with its hottest season falling sometime during the month of May. Montserrat is an interesting place because of the Soufriere Hills Volcano, a potentially active volcano that erupted in 1995 for the first time in 400 years. Now known as the Pompeii of the Caribbean, its original capital, Plymouth, was buried in ash and hardened lava forcing all residents to evacuate and for the country to find another capital city. The Rendezvous Beach along the bay stretches for miles and is practically made for thoughtful or romantic walks. Because of the eruption, some cruise lines have been avoiding the island for over twenty years; however, the ships that do come in are welcomed and often get preferential treatment.


  • The Montserrat Volcano Observatory is a fine place to learn more about the great eruption as well as get a compelling look at the summit.
  • The island is home to a variety of unique animals, two of which are endangered: the mountain chicken which is actually a rare species of frog, and the yellow-shouldered volcano bat that many thought were extinct until rediscovered on this island.
  • Because of the ash and other volcanic remnants, Monserrat has beaches with black sand. The two most popular are Rendezvous Beach and Little Bay Beach.
  • One of the most interesting cuisines on the island is called Goat Water. This is actually a delicious and thick goat stew, cooked over a wood fire in a tin pot.

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