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Regua, Portugal Cruise Port

Peso da Regua, commonly known as Regua, is a municipality in the district of Vila Real in the Northern part of Portugal. It was originally inhabited by Romans and derived its name from a Roman estate close to the center known as “Vila Reggula”. Regua was elevated to being a town in 1837 and made most of its fortune from the commercialization and exportation of its wine that became popular worldwide. Regua was declared as the capital of the port-producing region, is a popular tourist destination, which attracts thousands of tourists to the region annually, and was promoted to a city in the year 1933. Featured below are some of the recommended experiences, attractions, and activities that visitors could enjoy after cruising to Regua, Portugal:
  • Tourists should not miss the chance to visit the vineyards in the surrounding region, as well as learn more about the production of the port wines. A trip to the vineyards is highly recommended because of the amount of insight on the wine industry offered.
  • Regua has numerous options for visitors seeking good accommodations. An example is the Vintage House Hotel, which is a luxury hotel located at Pinhao, in Duoro Valley on a vineyard. It was converted from an old port wine storage house, and offers a spectacular view of the river.
  • The town has numerous eating establishments that sell quality foods and amplify one’s dining experience. These include establishments, such as A Tasquinha and Tasca da Quinta, among others that offer a diverse menu, ranging from local dishes to exotic food.
  • Visitors who are intrigued by culture should visit the Museu do Douro, which is a specialty museum located in the region. It offers a clear depiction of the history of the wine region, as well as provides elaborate information on the different types of port wines.

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