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Rapa, French Polynesia Cruise Port

The cruise port of Rapa is the southernmost inhabited island of French Polynesia. It is sometimes called Rapa Iti, or little Rapa, to distinguish it from its bigger sister island Rapa Nui, which is better known as Easter Island. Rapa has so much to offer cruisers desiring destinations off the beaten path. Experience the fascinating scenery and the stunning beaches while knowing you’re in a place most humans never see. Continue below for some of our recommendations of things to do while in the cruise port of Rapa, French Polynesia:
  • Visit the Fortresses: Rapa has two villages on the island, the main village Ahurei and a smaller village. Ahurei has 28 ridgetop fortresses, the best known one is Morunga Uta, and theses fortresses are the sites of battles on the island. It’s a great way to learn more about the history of this fascinating island.
  • Bird Watching: The temperate climate of Rapa gives it the opportunity to have unique wildlife on the island. Rapa is home to several endemic species, so while you’re here see if you can spot a Rapa fruit dove, a Murphy’s petrel, or any other unique creatures!
  • Traditional Music: Rapa is home to about 500 inhabitants and the residents are well known throughout French Polynesia for their singing. While here, experience a folkloric presentation or attend a local church to hear them sing.

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