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Rab Island, Croatia Cruise Port

Rab is a Croatian island off the country’s northernmost Dalmatian Coast in the Adriatic Sea. Through its mainland port, ferries connect to the mainland and its neighboring islands, Krk and Pag. Rab was a preserved late medieval settlement that served both Roman and Byzantine fleets in its day. As if split in two, Rab’s northeastern side is almost barren while the southwestern is covered by one of the Meditteraean’s last remaining oak forests. The Croatian village beyond the port consists of many narrow roads which can be difficult to navigate for travelers unfamiliar with the area. Many relics still exist within the old town including: medieval walls, ancient churches, palaces, and stone streets. Rare and marvelous trees can be viewed within Komrcar Park, a peaceful place to sneak away to while visiting. Rab attracts artists because of its landscapes and beautiful sunsets, therefore many shops peddle paintings and photographs depicting the town at its finest.


  • For a less crowed, yet equally serene beach experience, head to Suha Punta Beach. The crystal clear waters and rocky beaches are gorgeous and convenient.
  • Traverse the wonderful Komrcar Park to get in touch with the natural elements and decadent scenery this plot filled with rare flora has to offer.
  • Take in the architectural and scenic beauty of the Tower of Saint Christopher. This church is extravagant and the climb to the top is as invigorating as it is challenging. If you can make it, the view for the top is its own reward!
  • Learn about one of the region’s baked delicacies at Kuca Rabske Torte. This museum offers a look, smell, and taste of their local pastries. Plus, get a tutorial on how to make them yourself!

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