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Qeqertarsuaq, Greenland Cruise Port

Located on the south coast of Disko Island in western Greenland, Qeqertarsuaq, or “the large island,” is a port town in the Qeqetalik municipality. University of Copenhagen has a satellite campus here known affectionately as Arctic Station. The town’s population is under 1,000 with around 50 of them living inside Kangerluk or Diskofjord, the only remaining settlement in the area. This settlement is also the site where in 1999 scientists documented a “galloping” glacier that moves up to 330 feet per day. Many flat mountains surround the small town; they’re all capped with snow and are easier to reach in the winter than in the summer. While they do have a helipad that allows helicopters to fly in primarily during the spring and summer, the main source of transport between islands and the mainland is Diskoline—the local passenger and cargo ferry service. While glaciers may be a dominant feature, there are also a number of relaxing hot springs.


  • Spend some time on Disko Island, a prime location to see whales, icebergs, glaciers, and all the other little surprises nature has to offer with flatland views that go on for miles.
  • Take a refreshing hike to see Lyngmarksbraeen. This relatively small glacier is worth the trip for the anomaly alone. Six miles around may sound quite large, but considering some of the monstrous glaciers, this is but a baby.
  • Not far from the small glacier is Lyngmarksfjeld, which offers a panoramic view of the bay. Cruise ship tours can also use it to see the numerous icebergs at Ilulissat.
  • In the summer the locals offer dog sled tours that ride along the top of mountain glaciers. This can be done any time of day, but is especially beautiful under the midnight sun.    

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