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Puerto Deseado, Argentina Cruise Port

Originally called Port Desire after privateer Thomas Cavendish’s trusty ship, the direct Spanish translation has since become Puerto Deseado’s preferred designation. Historically, the port was used by early navigators, including Ferdinand Magellan and Francis Drake, who stopped here amidst their vast explorations of the globe. Charles Darwin visited the port city years later in 1833, during one of his survey missions on the HMS Beagle. Today, it’s an active fishing port with a population of around 15,000. Travelers are always welcomed by the friendly residents and many accommodations are available. The estuary running along the Deseado River is a hot spot for visitors who wish to see its unique fauna, including the Commerson dolphins and the Magellanic and Rockhopper penguins. Nearby Isla Pinguino—or the Island of Penguins—is located about 12 miles south of the city. The architecture is a cross between Spanish and English, as both countries attempted to settle there in the 17th and 18th centuries.


  • Because of Darwin’s visit in the 19th century, Darwin Expediciones is a company that charters travelers to Darwin-specific locations in an attempt to give them an authentic Darwinian experience.
  • Isla Pinguino doesn’t just have penguins, it has A LOT of penguins. This unique experience is strengthened by knowledgeable, bilingual crews (English/Spanish) and various tours, which are required when visiting the island.
  • Museo de Tren, or the rail museum, is an interesting stop that contains a historical recreation of the original station on that line, as well as exhibits featuring old equipment.
  • The cavernous grottos at Gruta de Lourdes are found at the bottom of a breathtakingly stunning rock formation. This is a great stop for those interested in the magic of nature.
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