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Prince Leopold Island, Nunavut, Canada Cruise Port

Within Canada's Lancaster Sound where the Barrow Strait meets Prince Regent Inlet is the fascinating cruise port of Prince Leopold Island, Nunavut. The abandoned trading post of Port Leopold is the closest landmark, which tells you that this is a true "get away from it all" adventure. Arctic explorer and admiral William Parry first bestowed the name Prince Leopold's Isles upon the area around 1819 in honor the Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld's prince. With its unique oval shape, the Qikiqtaaluk Region island has become popular among tourists for its wildlife, especially birds. It holds several designations; among them Canadian Important Bird Area, federally listed migratory bird sanctuary, and Key Migratory Bird Terrestrial Habitat site. In fact, this is Arctic Canada’s most diverse marine bird breeding station, with a focus on how ice conditions affect the bird population. Listed below are a handful of our favorite experiences when cruising to Prince Leopold Island, Nunavut, Canada:
  • The Prince Leopold Island Migratory Bird Sanctuary is where to see protected multiple species that make this area so important in the way of wildlife preservation (by permit only). Encompassing the entire island and surrounding waters, the sheer and high cliffs are what make the island ideal for breeding various seabirds. Among the many types to spot are the black guillemot, northern fulmar, and thick-billed murre.
  • While birds are plentiful, you'll only find one mammal here on a permanent basis - the collared lemming, and only a small number of these to boot. Keep a sharp eye out though, because several animals have been spotted wandering the island, such as the Arctic fox, Arctic hare, and Peary caribou.
  • While there aren't many animals on land, the waters nearby are full of marine life. Whales are plentiful, including beluga and bowhead whales. You'll also see polar bears and bearded seals searching for food supplied by the Barrow Strait and Lancaster Sound.
  • The Arctic scenery is a thing to behold, especially gazing at the island from the sea. The vertical sandstone and limestone cliffs can rise up to almost 700 feet above sea level, and the smooth, flat-topped surface is a geological wonder.

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