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Port Victoria, Australia Cruise Port

Port Victoria is a very small coastal town with a humble population of around 350. It’s located in the state of South Australia and is on the western coast of the York peninsula, which is nestled deep in the southeastern part of the continent. Its docks were once a major port of call for windjammer ships in the grain trade, but over the years that particular product found other means of distribution, leaving Victoria to focus more on tourism and jetty fishing. Wardang Island to the west is an isolated, safe place for fishing that many boat rental places use. There are also several deep fishing options, as well as oceanside fishing, up and down the expansive coastline. The surrounding islands are home to a wide variety of sea lions that visitors enjoy watching frolic and rest, and some even roam on the island proper.


  • The Port Victoria Jetty is a long and excellent walkway for fishing with a great view of the waters below. Besides many species of fish, there are also many squids, jellyfish and crustaceans swimming nearby.
  • The Port Victoria Maritime Museum is a small yet informative shop right beside the water that delves into the history and ecology of marine life on and around the peninsula.
  • Port Victoria truly embodies small town living with a variety of local characters and small businesses, including diners, bait shops and general stores.
  • “Through the PortHole” is a bimonthly community newsletter put out by the Port Victoria Progress Association to keep locals and visitors abreast of the goings on in and around the port. Check it out to experience Port Victoria like a local!

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