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Port Essington, Australia Cruise Port

A cruise to the town of Victoria (Port Victoria) and Port Essington, Australia is custom-made for adventurous types. This inlet and historic site is found in Australia's Northern Territory on the Cobourg Peninsula within the Garig Gunak Barlu National Park. It’s a fascinating piece of the continent's archaeological past. Now in ruins, Port Essington was an early attempt by the British to colonize the area, and first proposed it in 1824 in order to get trade going with Asia. Lack of fresh water and other problems forced the would-be settlers out of the area. In 1837 (and the third try), Port Essington was finally established as a military outpost. By 1849, the settlement was abandoned and fell into ruins. Not until 1966 did researcher Dr. F. J. Allen examine the remains, uncovering some interesting artefacts. Listed below are a handful of our favorite experiences when cruising to Port Essington, Australia:
  • The "by permit only" Gurig National Park is where the ruins of Port Essington can be found. There are plenty of them to examine in the now defunct town, including the governor's residence, which was one of the first elevated houses ever built. The ruins also include a hospital, church, military, and married quarters. There are also some roadways and fences left over from its brief venture into colonization.
  • Within the park's Black Point Ranger Station is the Black Point Cultural Centre which showcases the Aboriginal, Macassan, and European histories of the area. Here, you'll see how the various people who settled in the land affected it in very different ways.
  • While hiking is definitely part of the park experience, animal lovers will also be in their element. Birdwatching and keeping an eye out for wildlife (especially the marine variety, including dolphins, stingrays, and nesting turtles) is a great way to get in tune with nature.
  • While swimming in the park isn't allowed because of saltwater crocodiles, it's an excellent place for fishing. Considered a world-class fishing destination, there are charters available to take you out in search of fish such as mackerel, shark, snapper, and a variety of reef fish.

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