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Porbandar, India Cruise Port

A coastal city in the Indian state of Gujarat, Porbandar is most widely known as the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi and Sudama, a childhood friend of Lord Krishna. Its ancient port operates in all weather over the majority of the year. Originally a fortified town with high rampant walls, bastions, and five gates, it was the maritime trade at the ports that kept Porbandar thriving after its fortification was stripped in the late 19th century. Gandhi’s former home is a much visited site, and is now a museum dedicated to his life and legacy. The Kirti Mandir Temple was built within Gandhi’s ancestral house where the precise location of his birth is marked by a swastika, which for most Indian and East Asian religions is a symbol of divinity and spirituality. Porbandar’s many beaches, aside from being peaceful and sandy, are home to flamingos and other exciting sea birds.


  • When you visit the Kirti Mandir, not only do you get an inside look and feel for Gandhi’s life and beginnings, you can also be inspired by insightful quotes adorned on the inner walls.
  • Visit the embodiment of the deities celebrated by the Pujya Bhaishri faith at the Sri Hari Mandir Temple. The temple is beautiful inside and out and stays open until 8 PM.
  • Explore the entirety of Porbandar Beach, from the playgrounds and cricket fields, to the fun fairs and its delightful coastline.
  • Find solace in the city’s other famous resident at the Krishna-Sudama Temple. This extravagant site with its Hindu décor is endlessly peaceful.
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