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Ponza, Italy Cruise Port

Ponza is the largest island of the Italian Pontine Islands Archipelago. Local legend claims it’s named after Pontius Pilate, the former Roman governor of Judea. His family owned a grotto in Ponza which is still named after him today, even if the city bearing his name is disputed by some historians. Its large port and harbor—both also called Ponza—are connected to the Tyrrhenian Sea where Jacques Cousteau filmed a number of documentaries in his day. The harbor town, along with taking in cruise ships, serves both leisure and fishing boats that can be rented by visitors looking to explore the seas like Cousteau. Lookout Hill, high above the docks, is a flag-signaling site to direct and inform the larger boats. Across the island, many archeological ruins can be found and explored, including the Blue Grottos, created by the Etruscans. There are also two caves that are settings in Homer’s The Odyssey.


  • Be sure to check out Ponza’s Botanical Garden, a beautiful collection of protected woody plants and wild orchids that are native to the Pontine Islands.
  • Explore the Grotto di Pilato, a complex system of tunnels and pools that were constructed in the Roman period for Governor Pilate and his family.
  • From the shores or by boat, the Arco Naturale is a large, interesting arch that formed in the sea and resembles the world’s largest pair of pants.
  • For an excellent beach experience try Cala dell’Acqua. Like most beaches on the island, its shore is comprised of smoothed out stones, and this vibrant setting is a little less crowded than some beaches closer to the harbor.

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