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Pohnpei, Micronesia Cruise Port

Pohnpei is an island in Pohnpei State, which is one of the four states of the Federal States of Micronesia. With a population around 34,000, it is the most populated island in Micronesia, as well as the largest by area. Aside from the other islands in the Senyavin and Caroline Island groups, Pohnpei is surrounded by an impressive barrier reef containing many other small islets. It is also one of the wettest places on earth, clocking in more than 300 inches of rain annually. This torrential rainfall, along with the island’s fertile soil, allow tropical foliage to grow in abundance, thus creating a warm and exotic atmosphere! Some locals even unofficially call Pohnpei the “Garden of Micronesia.” The island holds an ancient history that some believe dates back to 200 BC. In 1985, the ruins of Nan Madol were declared a National Historical Landmark, causing the government to preserve and restore the sacred area.


  • Nan Madol is a collection of ruins that act as the center of an ancient civilization. The vast setup is long, winding and mysterious, and is best viewed in the sunlight.
  • The Kepirohi Waterfall is a stunning natural wonder nestled above a river with raging rapids. There’s a small gift shop not far from the main attraction.
  • Ant Atoll is a fantastic stretch of aquamarine water to which divers and snorkelers flock. It’s the premiere spot around the island to view the barrier reef and surrounding marine life.
  • Sokehs Rock is a massive, stunning rock that visitors can hike up to catch the views from above. While the hike may be grueling for some, the panoramic sights it offers are well worth the trip.

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