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Plymouth, Montserrat Cruise Port

Plymouth is the now abandoned capital of Montserrat, a small overseas territory island of the United Kingdom. Its shares its capital title with the towns of Brades and Little Bay. All 4,000+ members of its population evacuated at once in July 1995 when the Soufriere Hills volcano erupted. Two years later, after a substantial eruption that killed 19 people, the town was abandoned entirely as it burned and soon became buried under rubble and ash. However, it remains the capital, making it the only ghost town in the world that is, at least in part, the municipal body of a country/territory. Since Montserrat is part of the Caribbean Leeward Islands, it has a tropical climate and the areas not in danger of volcanic disarray are enticing to tourists. It’s well known for its coral reefs and caves that line the shore. The caves contain many bat species, 10 of which are protected to prevent their extinction.


  • While somewhat dangerous, people are still fascinated by the massive volcano. Therefore, the Montserrat Volcano Observatory is located a safe distance away in Flemings, Salem, while still offering a phenomenal view.
  • Rendezvous Beach is a quiet, sandy, and beautiful beach perfect for swimming, walking, snorkeling, sunbathing, or even the occasional rendezvous.
  • Less formal than the observatory, and a little bit closer, the Jack Boy Hill Viewing Facility offers a stunning view of the volcano along with concession and picnic areas.
  • The Oriole Walkway Trail is a great way to check out the island’s flora and fauna, starting from an impressive hilltop area near Montserrat Bay and running all the way to Cassava Ghaut.
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