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Pare Pare, Indonesia Cruise Port

Sailing down the Makassar Strait, you'll find the island of Sulawesi. On its southwest coast is the cruise port of Pare Pare, Indonesia. Also spelled Parepare or Pare-Pare, it's the second largest port in the region and home to more than 129,000 people. Many of them are Buginese, one of the major ethnic groups of South Sulawesi. While the modern version of the city was established in 1960, it dates back to at least the Neolithic period, with Buddhist artifacts from the 4th and 5th centuries discovered in South Sulawesi. The Portuguese were the area's first Western settlers, followed by the Spanish and Dutch. Despite European influence, descendants of native cultures still partake in pagan ceremonies, a source of much fascination for the growing number of tourists who stop here on their way to other parts of Indonesia. Here are some of our favorite experiences when cruising to Pare Pare, Indonesia:
  • While a coastal town, it's not best known for its beaches. The one exception seems to be Bibir Beach, which is better for gazing at the scenery than for swimming (although some of the locals do swim here). The incredible sunset here has gotten fairly famous, and the beach can be fairly crowded with tourists as the sun goes down.
  • In the center of town you'll find a statue of a man standing on a map of Indonesia called the Monument Rkayat Rejuan. There's also the Monumen Korban 40.000 Jiwa, a small plaque dedicated to Indonesian freedom fighters.
  • Brazil has plenty of beaches, and one of the best is Saco do Mamangua Beach. Not only are there the usual sandy stretches for swimming and snorkeling, but it contains the only tropical fjord on the Brazilian coast, which stretches to the Ilha Grande Bay.
  • For some more history, visit the La Bengene Museum. Located about a mile from town, this small museum contains the personal effects of 15th century King Bacukiki. While not the premier shopping area in South Sulawesi, there is a colorful local market with plenty of authentic handmade souvenirs, especially woven baskets. Fresh seafood is also available in abundance, as well as plenty of Indonesian dishes such as chicken or pork piong (food cooked in bamboo sections).
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