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Palopo, Sulawesi, Indonesia Cruise Port

En route to South-East Asia, a small port town made up of twisting mountain roads decorated with cloud-covered peaks, emerald-green valleys and terraced rice paddies where water buffalo graze will become an instant fascination for exploration. The cruise port of Palopo, Sulawesi, Indonesia is the gateway to Indonesia's Torajaland, a spectacular region on a mountainous land, which includes a traditional village and cliff-side burial sites with painted wooden tau-taus, or funeral effigies of ancestors. The cruise port of Palopo is a popular Muslim town and the location of South Sulawesi's oldest mosque.
  • The long drive from the lowlands to the mountain stronghold of Tana Toraja opens up a breath-taking new world where ownership of water buffalo, not houses, is an indication of wealth and prestige. Tana Toraja is the undisputed highlight of any journey to Sulawesi, so expect to be awed by the spectacular beauty of nature, the way of life of the people in isolation and sustained religious beliefs, said to help in the transition from life to death. Tana Toraja in the cruise port of Palopo, Sulawesi, Indonesia has a colorful culture, rich in elaborate sacrificial and post mortuary rituals not easily acceptable to people of different cultures. The lush valleys in the land are fertile for rice and coffee plantations.
  • The Old Palopo Mosque, founded by King Luwu somewhere in the 17th century is the oldest mosque in South Sulawesi. The architectural style of the building has elements of Buginese, Javanese, Hindu and Islamic religions. Admission into the mosque is free and visitors are encouraged to tour.
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