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Otranto, Italy Cruise Port

Located in the Lecce province, Otranto is a Mediterranean port town located on the eastern side of the Salento peninsula. The city is named after the Straight of Otranto which runs through the city and connects the Adriatic and Ionian Seas and separates Italy from Albania. The nearby lighthouse, Faro della Palascia, is the most easterly point of the Italian mainland. Because of its location, Otranto is known as the Gateway to the East. Its Castello Aragonese, which was the setting of Horace Walpole’s gothic novel The Castle of Otranto, is a medieval work of art and a very popular attraction. The town center offers outdoor cafes and shops overlooking the crystal clear water as well as rows and rows of beautiful, well-maintained white buildings. The city’s impressive architecture, with Greek, Roman, and Ottoman influences, can be appreciated in many local churches, many of which offer pedestrian access and even tours.


  • Behold the uniqueness of the Castello Aragonese with its irregular five-side design. Other features include a moat around the entire structure, a single drawbridge entrance, and three cylindrical towers.
  • Follow the trail around the massive lake at Cava di Bauxite to take in its stunning view. The tranquil colors of the rock formations are just as aesthetically pleasing as the deep blue lake.
  • Discover the hidden gem that is the Chiesa di San Pietro. This small Byzantine church has walls decorated with frescoes dating back to the 9th century depicting various scenes from the New Testament.
  • The mosaic floor at the Cathedral dates back to the 11th century and depicts images from the Old Testament, as well as visual depictions of the months.

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