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Okhotsk, Russia Cruise Port

Located at the mouth of the Okhota River on the Sea of Okhotsk is the small town and cruise port of Okhotsk, Russia, the first Russian settlement in the Far East. Once a main port on Russia's Pacific coast, it lost importance after the southeast corner of Siberia was incorporated into Russia in 1860. Since Russian pioneers built sturdy river boats, they were unable to build seafaring vessels; thus Okhotsk remained a coastal settlement instead of a successful port. Once Peter the Great sent shipbuilders in 1714, the tide turned for the town and it became a bustling center of trade. It developed issues because of ice and mud, and goods had to be unloaded from larger ships and barged across the harbor. Eventually, the Soviet Union developed fisheries and began mineral exploitation in the area. Listed below are a handful of our favorite experiences when cruising to Okhotsk, Russia:
  • Okhotsk Local Lore Museum is a great place to catch up on area history. There are around 2,300 exhibits including officers' reports, gun parts, and minerals of the coast. You can have a bite afterward at the nearby restaurant.
  • In nearby Magadan, you can find the sobering Mask of Sorrows, a stone monument dedicated to the prisoners who suffered and died in the Soviet Union's Gulag prison camps. Below the statue are stone markers with the names of many of the forced-labor camps in the Kolyma region.
  • If you take your visit to the sea, you'll get to see multiple species of marine life. This includes sea lions, ribbon seals, and whales, while land-based wildlife to spot includes brown bears, snow sheep, and marmots.
  • Also a fantastic place for birdwatchers, you'll find an abundance of seabirds. Keep an eye out for crested auklets, along with guillemots, puffins, and fulmars. Another spectacular sight is the Steller's sea eagle. The Sea of Okhotsk has one of the highest concentrations of this bird in the Russian Far East.
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