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Odessa, Ukraine Cruise Port

While it would be easy to mistake Odessa for a city along the French Riviera or Italy’s Mediterranean coast, it’s actually located along the Black Sea. Many of this formerly Russian city’s most important buildings reference rococo or baroque architecture. The area has a history as a Greek territory and as a part of the Ottoman Empire, and it eventually became a part of Russia when it was founded by Catherine the Great in 1794. The city is best known as a beach getaway for Eastern Europeans and Russians. Cruisers flock to Odessa for the city’s mesmerizing architecture and the Black Sea’s warm climate and sandy beaches. Featured below are a few of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of Odessa, Ukraine:
  • Enjoy a day at the beach and delighting in the cafes and shops surrounding Arkadia Beach, the city’s most popular. 
  • Russia’s famed writer Alexander Pushkin was exiled from Moscow to Odessa in 1824, and within 13 months he was exiled from this city too. Explore his life in Odessa at the Pushkin Museum. 
  • Walk the Ptomekin steps which were designed as an optical illusion. While standing at the top looking down, you do not see any of the steps, just a long landing. 
  • Odessa’s crowning jewel is the Opera and Ballet Theater, so make sure to see a performance on the same stage where Enrico Caruso sang and Isabela Duncan danced. 

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