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Nosy Mangabe, Madagascar Cruise Port

Located just over mile offshore of Maroantsetra in northeast Madagascar, Nosy Mangabe is a small island reserve in Antongil Bay. Cruise ships are invited to drop anchor at sea and allow their passengers to be transported by small boat to view this beautiful offshoot of the larger Masoala National Park complex. Daytrips to Maroantsetra are easy to procure; however, overnights stays are encouraged for travelers to get a glimpse of their famous, nocturnal aye-ayes. An aye-aye is a special breed of lemur with an elongated middle finger and rodent-like teeth that continually grow. Late British writer Douglas Adams visited the island in search of the aye-aye to contribute to a BBC radio documentary and write its accompanying book. Visitors can explore the forests and plains of this island which provides a good number of camping sites for overnight or long-term stays. Equipped with plumbing and kitchen facilities, the camps are also great for researchers and eco-tourists.


  • The island is all but covered in a dense, humid forest. Those in tune with nature will get a thrill out of hiking and exploring the varied, untampered terrain.
  • Aside from the aye-aye, which was introduced to the island in the 1960s for preservation, there are four other types of lemurs to see: eastern woolly lemur, white-fronted lemur, black-and-white ruffled lemur, and the gray mouse-lemur.
  • For a unique piece of history, check out the intricate rock carving which have existed on the island’s west side since Dutch sailors carved them in the 16th century.
  • Conservationists and eco-tourists will be dazzled by Baron’s climbing rosewood, a vulnerable but protected species of tree found on the island.

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