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Norman Island, British Virgin Islands Cruise Port

Located on the southern tip of the archipelago that makes up the British Virgin Islands, Norman Island is an uninhabited island named after a pirate who purchased it in the early 18th century. It is known as one of the “Little Sister Islands” because it is smaller and farther below sea level than most of the other islands surrounding the archipelago. The other “Sisters” are: Peter Island, Pelican Island, Ginger Island, and Dead Chest Island. Today it is privately owned by a philanthropist and a variety of ships use the many protected anchorages in the nearby waters. The outskirts of the island is popular with tourists because of three sea-level caves located at the bases of a few cliffs that exhibit natural beauty and are a delight to explore. Snorkelers and scuba divers also flock to the area because of a rare opportunity for night diving deep within the caves.


  • Despite not having or allowing permanent residents, there are two restaurants, a bar, and a dive shop located in the Bight anchorage aboard a few boats and schooners.
  • Back in the day the Norman Island Caves were rumored to hold buried treasure. Today, however, the true treasures within are the great snorkeling conditions, the beautiful orange coral, and the red sponge along the cave walls.
  • Prior to the island’s exodus, farmers used to raise cattle along various grazing locations. Evidence of this modern farming can be seen from the Bight.
  • A number of shipwrecks are still on display amid the caves, hidden bays, and coves. Tourists are drawn to these morose memorials due to the exciting lore of pirates and buried treasure.


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