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Nggela Islands (Flroida Islands) Cruise Port

The Nggela Islands, which are commonly known as the Florida Islands, are a small collection of islands located in the Central Province of the Solomon Islands. The islands are all situated in the Pacific Ocean. The chain of islands is composed of the main Nggela Sule and Nggela Pile, and some other smaller islands such as Gavutu, Tulagi, and Tanambogo. The islands are believed to have been seen and recorded for the first time by Europeans in 1568 in the Spanish expedition led by Alvaro de Mendana. The islands boast of a natural beauty that is well complimented by the surrounding turquoise blue waters. Featured below are some of the recommended experiences, attractions, and activities that visitors could enjoy after cruising to Nggela Islands (Florida Islands):
  • Those who are interested in spending some time relaxing on the beach, or swimming in the surrounding waters, will be spoiled for choice while on Nggela Islands. The islands are home to several sandy beaches whose beauty and tranquility deserve praise.
  • Visitors interested in doing some underwater exploration, should visit the Solomon Island Dive Expeditions. They would be eager to take visitors on the scuba diving tour of a lifetime around the Florida islands. The waters are teeming with a range of fish species and other marine wildlife.
  • Visitors should try exploring the islands on foot or on a cycling tour, as there are numerous hiking trails that cut through and around the islands, which would provide adventurers with a unique and rare opportunity to appreciate the natural beauty of the islands.
  • Guests should consider going on a boat tour of the surrounding islands because it provides a chance to view the islands’ unique landscape from a different perspective. In addition, it gives a person the opportunity to explore and appreciate the diverse coastal beauty of the island.
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