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Newhaven, Scotland Cruise Port

A fishing town, with a population less than 5,000, Newhaven, Scotland was established in the 16th century as the building site for the first ship in the Scottish Navy, known as the Great Michael. Since then, the fishing village has slowed down and is now a hub for those who long for a simpler time. One of the earmarks of Newhaven is their traditional dress, which is part of the tourist draw to the area. The traditional nature is evident in all the shops, where post cards and photographs depict the character of the town through the years. Here are some of our favorite things to do and see in Newhaven, Scotland:

  • Just a short ride away, take in the magnificence of the Edinburgh Castle, an ancient monument turned military operations hub.
  • Dating back to the 1890s, the Newhaven Fish Market is a must for freshly caught seafood and local lore.
  • A beautiful lighthouse, situated on a small peninsula and painted white is the perfect place to watch the sun set on your time in Scotland.
  • Enjoy the lush grounds of Starbank Park, featuring stunning panoramas of Scotland’s coast and enthralling seasonal floral displays.

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