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Naxos, Greece Cruise Port

For past history mixed with modern adventures, cruising to the South Aegean seaport of Naxos, Greece is a can't-miss destination. The island of Naxos is the largest of the Cyclades island group, containing mountains, beaches, and ancient ruins. Naxos City (also called Chora) used to dominate commerce on the island during the 8th-7th century B.C.; it's now the island's largest town and capital. While Naxos City has around 6,500 residents, the entire island has just under 19,000 – but the area is rich in myth and is popular with tourists looking for a more understated Mediterranean getaway. Everywhere on Naxos, you'll find something to delight your inner archaeologist, from Dimitra's Temple at Sangri to the Cheimarros Tower. Those who want to enjoy the fantastic year-round climate will also find plenty to do, thanks to multiple outdoor sporting possibilities. Here some of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of Naxos, Greece:
  • The Old Town area located in the heart of Chora, or Naxos City, is a great place to explore picturesque streets and quaint shops. Here you’re surrounded by history, both in the nearby monuments and within the buildings’ architecture. While visitors are attracted to its charm, it doesn't have a touristy vibe; instead, it feels like a city where people actually live, instead of just come and go.
  • Not far from Old Town is one of the island's most recognizable landmarks: the Portara, a marble gate built in the 6th century B.C., the remains of a temple dedicated to Apollo. Visible from the harbor, it's a striking piece whether up close or viewing it from the water.
  • Plaka Beach is known for long stretches of sand and crystal clear waters. Considered one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, it's largely unspoiled by merchants (although you can rent an umbrella or sun bed if needed).
  • If you want to tour an ancient castle, then visiting Kastro is a must. Along with the Tower of Glezos, Kastro once served as a protective shield for the fortress of Sanoudos. There's a museum inside, and the views from the top are amazing.
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