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Naousa, Paros, Greece Cruise Port

Naoussa is a small fishing village located on Paros, one of the most well-known of the Greek Isles. As with many villages on these islands, Naoussa can be seen from miles away, with a picturesque coastline dotted with traditionally whitewashed buildings. Once in town, a labyrinth of narrow, stone streets lead you into quaint shops and taverns serving up the Greek specialty, ouzo. But the biggest draws to this small town, boasting a population under 3,000, are the stunning beaches. Kolymbithres Beach is one of the more popular destinations in Naoussa, featuring natural coves and caves for swimming, formed over centuries by rock formations. If the bustle of tourist hubs isn’t for you, there is plenty to be said for the scenic walk to the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin, offering iconic views from the highest point in Naoussa.

  • Erected sometime in the 15th century, there is a Venetian castle that has sank into the sea, and the only thing remaining above water is the watch tower.
  • Do you love wine? A wince-centric museum named for Manolis Moratitis, a local winemaker, this museum features tastings of local wines and its own specialty, of which 300,000 bottles are made per year.
  • With bright blue domes that stand out, the Byzantine Museum features prehistoric artwork done in classic Byzantine style, with harsh expressions, large eyes and regal, golden backdrops.
  • Enjoy a nice relaxing day by the beach, or cliff dive from natural rock formations if you dare!

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