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Nakagusuku is a moderate-sized village located in Nakagami District and the Okinawa Prefecture. Known primarily as an agricultural farming village, since the mid-2000s the port has catered to tourists by offering numerous places to shop, as well as restaurants that serve regional cuisine. Visit the ruins of Nakagusuku Castle, a former stone-walled, fortress-style structure built during the Gusuku archeological period and one of the Ryukyu region’s most famous castles of this type. The village is known for maintaining and passing down the Tafafu, an ancient Chinese dance. Yoshinoura Park is an excellent escape for any nature lover, and it has a baseball diamond, track, playground, and gymnasium. Along the park is the Gosamaru Historical Materials Library which opened in 2017. The library offers great insight into the culture and history of Nakagusuku and the surrounding region. The Southeast Botanical Gardens are also a draw for lovers of nature and beauty.


  • Venture to the beach at Kuba, Nakagusuku to see the twin mermaid statues which create a unique photo opportunity right next to the Nakagusuku Mall.
  • Explore the Nakagusuku Castle ruins, which are surprisingly well preserved, and its many divisions into citadels are as interesting as they are apparent. In 2000, it officially became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Check out the neo-modern University of Ryukyus. Originally established in 1950, this national university moved locations between the 1970s and 80s to border Nakagusuku and its neighboring towns.
  • Enlighten yourself on the region’s history and culture at the Gosamaru Historical Materials Library and connect what you’ve seen to what the lands once were.

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