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Moyo, Indonesia Cruise Port

Located off the north coast of Sumbawa Island, Moyo is an island in Indonesia’s West Nusa Tenggara Province. Also within the Sumbawa Regency, this island is proposed as part of Moyo Satonda National Park along with Satonda Island. With a population below 1,000, the six native villages, while accepting of tourists, make the majority of their living through fishing and farming. To aid the natives in their meticulous work, a National Park was established in 1986 to conserve and protect extraordinary vegetation and unique animal species such as: birds, bats, monkeys, wild pigs, and deer. Bird enthusiasts may find up to 86 avian species! Most of the island’s coastline is a Marine Reserve in an attempt to preserve the unspoiled reef surrounding the island. With all the valiant efforts to keep the island pure, it remains a beautiful getaway and a prime spot for swimming, snorkeling, diving, and other beachside activities.


  • For an amazing view and pleasant experience, visit the Mata Jitu Waterfall. This force of nature emits clear, beautiful fresh water and has a lake beneath it, perfect for swimming.
  • The Davy Jones’ Locker Diving Company is located within the Maleo Moyo Seaside Resort and offers excursions for experienced divers and lessons for newbies.
  • The Maleo Moyo Seaside Resort has a friendly staff, quaint cottages, excellent food, and a portion of the island’s nature reserve for its guest to explore and enjoy.
  • Among the 86 species of birds, two are endangered. The yellow-headed parrot and the Tanimbar Megapode bird both nest and breed on the island, and their survival is reliant on the island’s protected status.

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