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Mosquera Islet, Galapagos Cruise Port

Mosquera Islet or Isla Mosquera, as it’s officially called, is a very small coral reef located in a sea channel between Baltra and North Seymour and has the honored distinction of being one of the Galapagos Islands. Although diminutive in size—roughly 2,000 feet in length and fewer than 500 feet wide—the islet is a hub for the region’s natural sea lion population. The white, sandy beach, where sea lions live and lounge, is a perfect contour for visitors to stand back and observe the beautiful creatures’ natural behavior within their home surroundings. This teeny locale also welcomes many shorebirds, including lava gulls, yellow-crowned herons, boobies, and brown pelicans, all depending on the season. Among the sand and lava rocks are a variety of crabs, each with bright red shells and blue bodies. Along with the exquisite life on land, orca and whale sightings are also known to happen nearby.


  • Explore the massive amounts of coral on the reefs lining the ocean floor by snorkeling, which also provides a pristine opportunity to observe maritime life.
  • Above anything else, Mosquera is known for its colonies of sea lions. And while a majestic species, these mammals have gotten so used to humans they often allow their picture taken!
  • Birders, especially those who pay special attention to the seasonal calendars, have the opportunity to catch glimpses of rare, regional birds that frequent this particular haunt.
  • As sea lions are a favorite delicacy of whales, Mosquera is no stranger to the occasional orca popping up. While not a guarantee, this is a prime spot for seeing one up close outside of a ship.

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