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Moskito Island, British Virgin Islands Cruise Port

Moskito Island, often spelled Mosquito Island, is a small secluded island in the British Virgin Islands. It is somewhat off the coast of the third largest island in the region—Virgin Gorda—and was once a mecca for scuba divers and boaters. That all changed in 2017, thanks to eccentric British billionaire Sir Richard Branson. Although many modern maps, travel sources and cartography experts had been referring to the island by its more modern “Mosquito” spelling, Branson prefers “Moskito” after the Indian tribe of the same name. Branson also owns Necker Island which is about 3 and half miles north of Moskito; this island was in the news in February 2017 as the place President Barack Obama went to learn how to kiteboard shortly after his tenure as Commander in Chief ended.


  • Since 2015, Necker has been home to the finals of the annual Extreme Tech Challenge, one of the largest technology competitions in the world that begins at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
  • Necker is also home to an annual exhibition tennis tournament known as the Necker Cup which has been held since 2012.
  • Explore the perfect Caribbean waters on a snorkeling adventure amongst the colorful reefs, and the fish that call them home.
  • Both islands have outstanding beaches with pristine sand alongside crystal clear water.

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