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Moscow, Russia Cruise Port

Russia’s most prominent city, Moscow is home to a bustling population of people on the move. Moscow is also known to have more billionaires than any other city. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, this city has been growing and evolving and you won’t be surprised to see many locals walking around in designer duds. With newfound wealth and an attitude toward exciting innovation, you will still find a lot of history in this city, which first gained prominence under the rule of Ivan the Great in the 1500s. Contact one of our cruise experts for help planning a cruise to Moscow, Russia. Featured below are a few of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of Moscow, Russia:


  • Explore Red Square, the city’s center, where you’ll find Lenin’s Mausoleum and St. Basil Cathedral, and its colorful onion domes, which was built in 1555.
  • The Kremlin is a fortified complex of buildings overlooking the Moskva River. Inside are churches and palaces and the Armoury, which stores an array of goodies including the famed Fabrege eggs and coronation dresses of empresses.
  • Learn about the life and influences of one of Russia’s greatest authors, Leo Tolstoy, at the Tolstoy Estate Museum.
  • Visit Gorky Park for a meal and to enjoy the city’s café culture. In the winter you can ice skate here or see an ice sculpture competition.
  • Head to the circus. Moscow has two circuses where you can see acrobats and even bears juggle. Russian circuses are known for having a more narrative format.

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