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Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea Cruise Port

Located on the southeastern side of Papua New Guinea, Milne Bay is a large bay in the Milne Bay Province that runs over 22 miles long and 9 miles wide; it’s a sheltered deep-water harbor accessible through the Ward Hunt Strait. The heavily wooded Stirling Range surrounds it to the north and south while the Solomon Sea eventually fills it out to the east and west. The province’s capital and major city is Alotau which lies at the center of over 600 independent islands, about 160 of which are inhabited. Alotau sits on the edge of the bay and has a lively harbor that is only a short walk from town. Transportation to some of the other islands is easy enough to hire and many tours will guide you through the world’s most remote island communities. Scuba divers and snorkelers will appreciate Milne Bay for its coral reef and the many challenging experiences it offers.


  • For an intimate and comprehensive day of discovery, join one of the many Alotau Land Tours. The wonderful villages, markets, and memorials are all heavily featured.
  • The Milne Bay Reef Tours on the eastern tip of Papua New Guinea offer multiple-hour excursions under the water and among the vast, impressive reef.
  • Often visited as part of a larger tour, the Turnbull War Memorial Park is a former airstrip memorializing Peter Turnbull, a young, Royal Australian Air Force squad leader who crashed and perished during World War II.
  • Deep in the bay, a Manta Watch Camp invites visitors to get a close intimate look at tiny unique creatures and larger specimens such as hammerhead and whale sharks.

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