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Marina Di Carrara, Italy Cruise Port

On the Apuan Coast, Marina di Carrara is a seaside village and harbor town within the municipality of Carrara. Founded by the Duke of Modena in the 18th century, its port and docks weren’t established until the mid-19th century. This later development made the modern amenities it possesses today easier to implement over the past 250 years. Aside from modern infrastructure, the resort town has long, sandy beaches stretches across the entire coastline with a mighty pine-wood forest spanning the area beyond the sand. The beaches are separated into sections, or “Bagni,” where you can rent chairs and umbrellas to claim your personal space, and most sections have changing stations, lifeguards, and showers to clean up before and after swimming. Carrara is probably best known for the snow-white marble that is mined and quarried there. This unique and precious mineral helped sculpt Italy’s historic look and feel.


  • Delve into the world of marble at the Marble Caves of Carrara. First, venture deep underground to witness where the mining once took place, and then visit a quarry to see the fancy mineral in its rawest form.
  • The most relaxing and quaintest thing to do in town is to simply walk along the Passeggiata Sandro Pertini. With a free beach running beside it, this easily accessible walk is a serene way to enjoy day, night, or glorious sunsets.
  • The Centro Ippico Pegaso is a wonderful equestrian center with friendly owners and seasoned instructors, ideal for novice riders to the more advanced.
  • For a pleasant, relaxing stroll, or a nice place to shop and eat, the Piazza Alberica is the heart of Carrara with its central location and wide, well-lit plaza.

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