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Mangareva,Tuamotu Atolls, French Polynesia Cruise Port

As the central and largest island within French Polynesia’s Gambier Islands, Mangareva is surrounded by many smaller islands and combines with the Tuamotu Atolls to form the Iles Tuamotu-Gambier, which is recognized as one of the region’s five administrative divisions. Even though the island is only about six square miles in area, it comprises over 55 percent of the Gambier Islands’ landmass. The highest point on the island is Mount Duff, standing roughly 1,580 feet in the air. Its peak is easily accessible via a number of walking trails and the bird’s-eye view from the top offers a grand view of the Gambiers and Tuamotus alike. While the two island groups are connected by an archipelago, it’s considered two separate landmasses marked by a border down the middle because of the differences in the Mangarevan and Tuamotuan cultures which includes a language barrier despite the close proximity. However, both cultures are rich and rewarding to explore.


  • In the heart of Mangareva, the Cathedrale Saint-Michel de Rikitea is an incredibly large cathedral that reflects the tropical community with both traditional religious décor, as well as hallowed images depicted with seashells.
  • For exhilarating hikes and panoramic views, take a trek up either the towering Mount Duff or its much shorter sister Mount Mokoto. The latter climb can be done with 15 minutes while the big one can take upwards of 90 minutes.
  • Tuamotu’s Plage des Sables Roses is an inviting colorful beach perfect for sunbathing, swimming and boating. And after a long day, be sure to stop at one of the seaside bars.
  • Ile d’Eden is a fascinating, self-sufficient community on the Tuamotu Archipelago where the natives grow and live off their own plants and livestock.

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