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Makassar, Sulawesi Cruise Port

Makassar is a major, industrial port city with a population of close to two million. It’s the capital of South Sulawesi, an Indonesian province and is the fifth largest city in the fourth most populated country in the entire world. From 1971 – 1999 the city was called Ujung Pandang, named after one of its busiest sub-districts. The port welcomes domestic and international shipping along with its share of tourist vessels. For many years, dating back to the 17th century, Makassar was known around the world for its vast oil exportation. Today, however, over 70 percent of the city’s economy is based on the service industry. The area’s many hotels always welcome visitors and transportation is readily available to take people around the island and show off its sights. The restaurants offer a variety of Chinese and Sulawesi food, including some regional favorites. In addition, the waterfront is a great place to stroll and really get a feel for the city.


  • Makassar’s Trans Studio is a giant shopping center equipped with loads of shops and local cuisines. It also has a large amusement park area connected to the main complex.
  • For tranquil views and a peaceful atmosphere, the Malino Tea Plantation is a rewarding destination. The plantation is a vast and intricate location to look at from on high and visitors are welcome to sample the tea in the nearby café.
  • The Makassar Great Mosque is one of the largest and grandest in east Indonesia. The architecture is beautiful and the community is very welcoming to visitors.
  • A visit to the well-maintained Fort Rotterdam is a window into the city’s Dutch colonial period. Admission is free and the guards and gamekeepers are friendly and knowledgeable.

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