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MAGONG, Taiwan Cruise Port

Magong is a busy and industrial port city in Penghu County of China’s Taiwan Province. The county is surrounded by islands—an archipelago of almost 90—and is lined up right on the Taiwan Strait that separates the province from the mainland via the South China Sea. Magong is the county’s largest city with a population near 600,000, which is nearly 60 percent of the region’s entire population. Cargo and cruise ships frequent the bustling harbor where even the larger ships are able to dock. The port area is often overflowing with activity from open-air fish markets to souvenir vendors aggressively pushing their wares, and willing to haggle. Having lived under ancient and modern Chinese and Japanese rule, the populous area contains a mixture of temples and spiritual sites that celebrate a variety of beliefs and cultures. Visitors often take pleasure in viewing the modern housing and learning about the olden days at the local museums.


  • The Jhongtun Wind Farm is a secluded area by the water that produces wind power with a series of massive turbines. It also acts as a peaceful place to hike or ride bicycles.
  • The Penghu Great Bridge is a vehicle crossing and pedestrian walkway that tourists love to photograph because of its beautiful arch and serene surroundings. There’s also a large gift shop along the bridge that sells various souvenirs and amenities.
  • The Penghu Tianhou Temple is a well-preserved historic temple held together with wooden beams atop a stone floor. Similar in style to the Mazu temple on Taiwan’s western coast, this one has the honor of being the oldest surviving temple.
  • Families, couples, and folks on their own can all enjoy Lintou Park which has beautiful flora, man-made and natural walking paths, and a relaxing, rocky beach.

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