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Magdalen Islands, Canada Cruise Port

The Magdalen Islands form an archipelago in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence where they are considered to be part of Quebec, a Canadian Province. The archipelago consists of eight major islands, seven of them are inhabited while the island of Brion remains uninhabited. Other smaller surrounding islands are also considered to be part of the archipelago. The islands are believed to have been frequently visited by the indigenous Mi'kmaqs as they hunted the walrus population in the region. However, Jacques Cartier made history as the first European to visit the islands in 1534. The islands were later named in 1663 by Francois Doublet who was the island's seigneur at the time. Listed below are some of the recommended experiences, attractions, and activities that visitors could enjoy after cruising to Magdalen Islands, Canada:
  • Visitors who are interested in learning more about the region's history should pay a visit to La Grave, which was the site of the island's first settlement and also the site of the island's first ever fishery. Additionally, the site is full of restaurants and shops.
  • Visitors who are interested in a fun family activity or simply in learning more about the island's history should pay a visit to the Museum of the Sea on Havre-Aubert Island. The museum's exhibits tell of the archipelago's rich history and culture of the local population.
  • The archipelago has six lighthouses that are worth visiting. Four of which were built between the years 1870 and 1874 to boost navigation safety in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The rest of the lighthouses were built from 1904 to 1911 and are regarded as important historical landmarks.
  • Visitors interested in spending some time on a beach will be spoiled for choice in this region that boasts of 300 kilometers of beaches to lounge on. The seawater maintains a warm temperature all year long making it ideal for swimming.

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